Forward Thinking Global Technology

Cascadiant is a venture-backed solutions integration company focused in the areas of green and greener energy solutions.  Cascadiant works in partnership with other highly innovative and advanced technology companies around the world in providing complete turnkey solutions to companies looking for innovative ways to lower the carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels and to decrease their overall energy costs. Our firm delivers the most sophisticated solutions available to allow customers access to the very latest in green technology and services with a very low risk approach.

Solutions Integration

Cascadiant's integrated, next-generation solutions include software, services and green power solutions that enable customers to implement a broad range of sustainable and green alternatives throughout their operations.  Through its in-house engineering team, Cascadiant takes seemingly diverse renewable and green solutions and packages them to meet the full range of a customers power needs.

Environmentally Responsible

Cascadiant is committed to providing customers a full array of energy solutions that allow their infrastructure and network operations to reduce carbon and other harmful emissions and footprint through decreased and optimized power use.  Cascadiant also provides a full range of audit services and works with companies in developing a comprehensive plan to migrate the energy and power areas of their operations to become environmentally conscious.




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